Who are we?

CareerView Inc. is an employment search service dedicated to providing stellar and unparalleled service to qualified candidates who respond to current career opportunities available through our organization. Our strength is intuitively knowing when a candidate is the right match – both from a skills and fit perspective - for a specific position and we will work with our qualified candidates to ensure they are able to convince our clients that they are indeed the perfect person for the job. This service includes extensive coaching on interviewing techniques as well as resume reworking to ensure a resume that truly reflects and highlights the requisite skills for a particular position.

CareerView is a unique partnership, rich in enthusiasm and passion for service excellence with depth of experience within a broad spectrum of industries. Flexibility and adaptability is embedded in the foundation of CareerView, along with a “do whatever it takes” attitude. Most important, CareerView is a joining of forces based on a parallel set of values, ethics and business practices framed in individual styles to best match our clients’ requirements

Where are we?

Due to the convenience of its North York location, CareerView can easily service clients and candidates all over the Greater Metropolitan Toronto area stretching from Burlington in the west, Oshawa to the east, Barrie to the north and downtown Toronto to the south.

In what areas do we specialize?

CareerView currently concentrates in the placement of permanent and contract staff. CareerView will recruit for virtually any office related client assignment ranging from executive search to middle management to non management roles in all disciplines including Accounting, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Real Estate, Construction and many more.

The following list represents some of the specific employment positions for which CareerView provides services:

Executive Search:
• VP's - all disciplines
• Directors - all disciplines
• Controllers

Management (All levels):
• Human Resources
• Finance/ Accounting
• Marketing
• IT
• Constuction/Real Estate
• Sales
• Operations
• Retail
• Procurement/ Supply Chain
• Plant

Clerical/Admin/Customer Service:
• Finance and Accounting Personnel
• Law Clerks/ Legal Assistants
• Call Centre Personnel
• Customer Service Representatives
• Human Resources Personnel
• Payroll and Benefits
• Receptionists
• Clerical/ Junior Admin
• Administrative Assistants
• Credit and Collections Clerks

Who are our clients?

CareerView prides itself on having an “A” list of clients that includes major retailers, manufacturers, property management companies, entertainment related companies and management consultants to name a few. CareerView strives to work with client companies that are recognized as good places to work.

What are our standards?

CareerView will not refer you to any client without your prior knowledge. During the interview process with CareerView, we will ask you questions to determine the most suitable career opportunities to pursue on your behalf. We will ask whether there are any specific companies for whom you do not wish to work, or conversely, whether there are any companies/industry types for which you have a preference. We will not check your employment references without your prior consent.

We would never knowingly refer you to a position for which you were not qualified. If we feel that you are not suited to the position for which you applied, we will be honest and keep you in mind for future roles which may be more suitable.

What are our ethics?

CareerView is proud to adhere to a solid code of ethics and business conduct.

CareerView rejects any hiring policies or practices that would result in the exclusion, restriction or preference of any applicant on the basis of discrimination.

CareerView’s selection process affords equal consideration of all applicants who possess the ability to carry out the bona fide requirements of the position in question.

CareerView will continually review its interviewing and reference checking procedures and techniques to assess that they are free from any biases which could be detrimental to a fair evaluation of any its candidates.

CareerView treats each and every one of its candidates and applicants equally, fairly and professionally in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards.

CareerView adheres strictly to the principle that each individual has the right to aspire to challenging and fulfilling employment based on respective skills, talents and abilities.

CareerView strives to place individuals in their chosen field of work

CareerView in its position as a recruiter is inevitably privy to confidential information. All information supplied by candidates will be handled and held in a professional manner respecting all the requirements of confidentiality.

In conclusion, CareerView realizes the importance that its applicants attach to working with a reliable search service. To this end, CareerView’s intent is to only refer candidates to positions in which they are truly interested.

We thank you for the interest that you have shown in our services and we look forward to having the opportunity of sourcing meaningful and rewarding employment for you.

If you have any questions regarding this literature or our services in general, please do not hesitate to give us a call at:

(416) 222-6062

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